MT2 Lab is based on a Start-Up Incubation / Acceleration concept offered the MT2 Way following best practices to consult over:

MT2 Lab is designed to EMPOWER Entrepreneurs from the early conception phase onwards, through a series of well-conceived services that are fine-tuned to assist in every phase of the business lifecycle. Our start-ups include but are not limited to apps2you, Card Switch, Wi-Think & more!

Wi-Think is an avant-gardist leading provider of smart WiFi solutions aiming to give all types of businesses THE KEY to recognize and engage with their customers through personalized marketing tools and advanced in-depth Social WiFi Analytics.


Through solid partnerships with Purple & Aislelabs, international leaders in Social WiFi, Wi-Think has set a new trend in the local Lebanese market for targeted marketing and digital advertising over WiFi.

Since the beginning of 2018, Wi-Think has earned the trust of the market’s leading groups in hospitality, retail, commercial venues, events / entertainment activities, private services, transportation and more!


Our team of experts are meticulously trained to assist and support any requirement revolving around our platform including but not limited to data & report analysis / extraction, real-time promotional campaigns, marketing campaigns management, survey conducts, feedback collection, social media & community management, digital advertising & far more, to help increase revenue and growing YOUR BUSINESS to the next level!

Card Switch SAL is a Retail Banking Consultancy, Software & Mobile Banking Application Company providing multiple solutions for Retail Banks and Financial Institutions including but not limited to Retail Banking products & services, cards’ fraud prevention solutions, loyalty programs, automated loan/cards upgrades, product rationalization, portfolio management & upgrades, automated card usage programs, cards account auto renewal platform and more. Card Switch main products include: