As a Senior Quality Engineer, you are an firm advocate for quality, reliability, usability and elegance for our solutions on multiple platforms and devices with a customer-centric orientation. Your mindset is oriented towards growth with a pinch of creativity and determination to suggest better ways and methods.

You thrive on technical challenges and create ways to optimize processes and drive efficiency to enhance the usage practicality of our products and services. You work collaboratively with all the different software development departments and bring Agile test proficiency through exploratory, manual, and automated testing to a whole new level.

Last but not least, it is key to have experience with software development, agile processes, web applications, APIs, REST, etc.

Main Duties:

  • Understand the business aspect of the products/solution
  • Follow a customer-centric approach to satisfy the client needs
  • Ensure the delivered product/solution obey the scope/storyboard
  • Write and execute the required test cases certifying full testing coverage to deliver a bug free product/solution
  • Ensure the product/solution journeys are well performing
  • Report all findings on a standard tool, such as Jira.
  • Conduct all the testing mechanism for APIs and User interfaces
  • Write admin and authoring guides for the product/solution
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest UX standard to ensure better product usability
  • Investigate and manage customer complaints and non-conformance issues in the UAT cycle
  • Collect and compile statistical quality data
  • Review the implementation and efficiency of quality and inspection systems
  • Coordinate with the development team to finalize the quality control activities
  • Analyze data to identify areas for improvement in the quality system
  • Prepare reports to communicate outcomes of quality activities
  • Identify training needs and organize training interventions to meet quality standards


  • Bachelor degree in Computer science or related field, other certifications are a plus
  • Software development background is a must
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in the quality assurance field with solid knowledge and experience in Web, Android and iOS applications
  • Knowledge of tools (Jira), concepts and methodologies of QA

Essential Skills:

  • Possesses a growth mindset and awareness of personal strengths and challenges, constantly seeking ways to capitalize on strengths and share them with others. Continually works to improve interpersonal and technical skills, and is committed to introspection and being a lifelong learner.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, to technical and non-technical audiences.
  • High attention to detail, ability to deal with ambiguity, resolve problems.
  • Self-motivated, ability to manage time constraints and multiple concurrent priorities.
  • Results-driven, appropriate sense of urgency and “do what it takes” resolve to meet commitments.
  • Ability to learn new technical concepts quickly and retain/build on previous information.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to build and foster productive working relationships and build trust within team.
  • Ability to perform software testing activities on a wide variety of complex software applications and systems, platforms and devices that utilize various technologies
  • Reading (not writing) programming code in various programming languages is essential to white/clear box testing
  • Ability to collaborate with multiple departments and teams, demonstrating high-quality interpersonal skills, including good listening skills, respectful treatment of others, and professional behavior
  • Ability to work as part of a team and also individually with a self-starter ("can do") attitude
  • Comfortable speaking and interacting with technical and non-technical people
  • Excellent research, analytical, and organization skills with an exceptional eye for detail
Resources must be able to work in a highly collaborative environment.
Part-Time or Remote work is not a possibility for this position.
Travel is not required for this position
Location: Beirut, Lebanon